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The intent of the Waterball Competition is to provide team participants with the opportunity to practice using nozzles and hose lines in order to increase their fire fighting proficiency.

If you want to see a couple of videos here you go.  One warning..  these are BIG files because every time I try to make them smaller the quality falls apart.  I guess I need new software.  You'll want broadband to download these videos.  Here's the first one.  It's an 11 minute Waterball video at 119MB in size.  The second one is hose evolution at 10.7MB in size.


Standard 15 inch ball of 16 gauge steel, figure no. 1 ball to be painted yellow, hanger to be painted black. Cable to be 3/8 inch, 6 strand, hemp center, regular lay, 12,000 lb. breaking strength or better.  No greasing of cable. Cable 10 feet above court.  Cable to be made as tight as possible.

Waterball courts shall be erected on a level street or other playing surface of suitable type for secure footing when wet. The “A” frames shall be 110 feet apart. The court shall be 30 feet wide and 110 feet in length. The team, their captain and officials shall be the only persons in this area during competition (see penalty section for “interference” penalty). 

The playing court shall be marked as follows: The center point of the cable shall be marked an equal distance from each end of the playing field. The cable shall be painted 3 feet each way from center point, a total of 6 feet. This area is called “DEAD TIME”. 

The 7-1/2' mark each way from center, shall be marked 5” in width (each side of the mark for a total of 10" of solid marking). 

The 15 foot mark each way from center, shall be marked 2” inch width (each side of the mark for a total of 4") and represents the starting line. 

Guard lines shall be marked 40' mark each way from center, represents where the back-up nozzle person will be positioned. Cable clamps shall be secured to the cable 45 feet each way from center. 

Playing Rules / Double elimination / One team per event

A men's ball team shall consist of one guard, three field men (nozzle man, backup man, hose man), and one coach.

A ladies' waterball team shall consist of one guard and four field men (nozzle man, backup man, two hose men).  There may be two coaches per team.  On the ladies' team the nozzle coach shall be 4 feet across from the back-guard to relay messages from the coach.  The assistant coach may relay messages from the coach and assist the back-guard by holding the hose but may not make contact with the nozzle.

The field men are permitted to stand a distance of 15 feet starting line at the beginning of the contest.  After contest is started, they are free to maneuver up to opponent's "dead time" line.  The three field men may change position during any three minute heat.  Between any heat, any of the five team members may change places.  Teams change ends for second heat of contest.

The number one nozzle man cannot go past dead time box of opponent.  (This is for safety reasons.)  The nozzle pressure shall be 90 pounds with both lead nozzles open.  The two nozzle men must cross streams over the ball before the signal to start the contest.  

The guard must stay back of the guard line 40 feet from the center at all times while the contest is underway. The guard may turn on nozzle when the ball is on the 7 1/2 feet mark and must shut it off at the 3 feet mark from the center.  All timing and judging shall be done from the center of ball. 

Ladies' official game shall consist of two heats, two minutes each.  A men's official game shall consist of two heats, three minutes each.  After first heat has been played, second heat is delayed until all teams have played the first heat.

The two teams in the final playoff shall have a ten minute rest period before the game starts with a three minute rest between heats.


Men's team and coach shall wear the following:

    1.   Standard firemen's helmet or safety helmet of their choice

    2.  Your choice of footwear (Shoes a must).

    3.  Standard fireman's coats.

Women's team and coaches shall wear the following:

    1.  Standard firemen's helmet or safety helmet of their choice.

    2.  Your choice of footwear (shoes a must).

    3.  Standard fireman's coat or rain gear of their choice.


There shall be one starter and two timekeepers, all of who are classed as judges with all judges' decisions final.  If the contest is stopped because of trouble with equipment or lack of water, the ball shall be started from where it was when the failure took place.  Fifteen seconds will be credited to the team scoring a goal.  A goal is scored by driving the ball into the opponent's territory and against the cable stops 45 feet from the center.  The fifteen seconds credit for scoring shall not be counted as playing time.  On completion of goal, the ball is to be started at the center, using balance of the three minute heat (men's game) or two minute heat (ladies' game).  There is no scoring time kept while ball is in the "dead time" area.


For guard using hose streams after ball is in opposing team's area, five seconds for each offense.

Illegal use of guard hose steam, five seconds each offense.

The ladies' team will be penalized 20 seconds if nozzle coach moves past four feet line.

For intentionally throwing or dropping the nozzle on the playing field, a team will be disqualified.

Intentional directing of hose stream at opponents shall disqualify the entire team.

Interference of coach or friendly spectators shall disqualify the entire team, at the judges' discretion.

Only the coach or team captain shall contact a judge during any dispute.

Substitution for physical discomfort shall be allowed in the no. 3 position (hose man) or in the ladies' game no. 4 hose man.

Person leaving the position shall be disqualified from the contest.

No other substitution will be permitted with the exception of an injury to a player.

No entries allowed in contest after deadline time and date posted for said contest.

Each participant is required to sign a release before play is started, releasing any party from liability due to the fact that these contests are conducted only for entertainment.


The field men of each team shall have 100 feet of 1 1/2 inch hose.  Both hoses for field men shall be supplied off the same 2 1/2 inch line.

The guards of each team shall have 100 feet of 1 1/2 inch hose, with both guard hoses supplied from the same 2 1/2 inch line.

Shut off nozzles shall have 1/2 inch tips.


1.   one engine at site, 9:30 am

2.    400 feet of 1  1/2 inch hose

3.    400 feet of 2 1/2 inch hose

4.    two gated wyes

5.     two tie back trucks (with keys) at site by 9:00 am, will be parked crossway on road, single axle loaded.

6.    two 20 feet log chains, 3/8 inch in diameter

7.    two 30 feet safety ropes

8.    one pike pole, 8 feet long plus or minus

9.    one water ball court and cable 3/8 inch (170 feet long) for tie back and water ball.

10.    three whistles

11.    a 4' by 8' erasable marker board

12.    two cans of yellow spray paint

13.    hose and water supply for 400 gpm

14.    four 1/2 inch straight bore nozzles with shut offs

15.    four stop watches

16.    team captains meeting and drawing one half hour before starting time.

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