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A siren was added to the Pleasant Hill water tower in 1957 to alert the community that there was a fire and volunteers should go to the firehouse. It also sounded daily at noon every day. Until 2009 we didn't have a tornado warning system in Pleasant Hill. However we are one of the first places in the county to become aware of a tornado situation due to our location on the west side of the county.  We would alert local residents by sounding a loud siren which was attached to our water tower.  We would run it one long blast (90 seconds) for a tornado warning.  When residents heard this warning they would take shelter immediately as a confirmed tornado was in the area. A short blast (30 seconds) signaled the all clear.  This same siren would cycle four times when there was a fire and it went off once each day at noon.  The siren was installed in 1957. The noon siren added a nice touch to a place that is proud to still be a community.

The siren was taken down and moved to the top of a local grain elevator when the water tower was torn down however the elevator owner would only allow it to be used for tornado alerts and not fires, or at noon. Some residents didn't like the noon siren. It remained there for a time until the elevator went our of business. At that time it was moved back to the firehouse location where it was mounted on it's own pole, where it remains today but it now functions only as a tornado warning siren and is activated by Miami County Dispatch rather than the local volunteers. Big fire siren

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