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This is the new grass truck, placed in service in December of 1998.  It replaces a 1969 truck sold this year with less than 7500 miles on it.  Hopefully this new truck will last as long.  Since it's a new truck we have plenty of pictures of it here.     There will still be a bit more equipment added from what you see here.

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Grass truck-side view
Grass truck front-corner view
See those nozzles on the front of the truck by the headlights in the picture above? Those allow a single person to operate the truck effectively for most types of grass and field fires from inside the cab.

Grass truck rear-corner view
Grass truck rear view
Grass truck front corner view
The water jets allow us to shoot water from the front of the truck.  We were able to douse the road "curb to curb" in our testing of the truck so far.

Grass truck water jets on bumper grass3droplets.JPG (51014 bytes)
Here we're checking for water dropplet size from the front nozzles at various pressures on the pump.  Too high a pressure makes too small a dropplet and then the wind or heat from the fire blows them away.  The key to making front nozzles work is to use a low enough pressure to keep the dropplet size large enough to hit the ground.  For our truck, we don't want more than 60 psi max. on the front nozzles or the performance starts to decline.