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There's always something going on.

A firehouse in a small town is often the center of activity.  You'll find 4-H club meetings there, town council sometimes meet there, various fund raisers for other organizations too.  Since this is a site about the Pleasant Hill Fire Department we're keeping a focus on the fire activities but you never know what might slip in on this page.

  Pleasant Hill Fire Dog

Every department needs a mascot of some kind.  Being a volunteer department a real mascot might get pretty hungry between fires.  Here's our version of a mascot watching over the building with a "stoney" stare.

Sweep the firehouse

Cleaning up is a never ending task at a firehouse.  There are floors to sweep, trucks to wash, more trucks to wash, hose to wash, bunker gear to clean.  Just about the time the place starts to look pretty sharp again the tones go off and in just an hour or two it's dirty all over again.

Truck Radio Repair

Much of the equipment repair and maintenance is done by department members.  Here we see a radio and GPS being installed into Engine #2.

A firehouse is much like a home.  There's always something that needs to be done.  Here we see a new ceiling being put in our meeting room along with updated lighting.  Next comes new carpet to replace the well worn carpet in the room now.

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