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Please note that this website is no longer updated. The owner of the site retired after 15 years on the department and no longer updates this site. These were the members in the most recent photos available at the time he retired. Virtually none of the people pictured here are on the department any longer.

While the Joint Fire District, or JFD, provides most of the equipment, the Pleasant Hill-Newton Township Fire Association provides the trained manpower to operate that equipment. The Fire Association meets weekly with training on the first and third Mondays of each month.  A business meeting is held on the second Monday. And maintenance checks of trucks and equipment is done on the fourth Monday.  Those months that have five Mondays are a combined training for both fire and squad members.

2001 Fire Membership photo
While we are one department, we're broken into two parts, both fire and squad.  Below are our 2001 squad members.  Squad members actually go on more calls than fire members so we're always looking for responsible people willing to give their time in the service of others.  In addition to the training on the 5th Mondays the squad also has regular monthly meetings and continuing education to keep those EMS certifications current.

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