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History of the Pleasant Hill Fire Department

In May of 1894 of Pleasant Hill Village council authorized the purchase of two single tank Champion Chemical Engines from the Fire Extinguisher   Manufacturing Co. of Chicago, thus beginning the Pleasant Hill Fire Company. Years later, those first hand drawn water tanks were replaced by a gasoline powered truck for carrying water and equipment. Over the years, many new and better pieces of equipment have been added to the department. Our Centennial, celebrating 100 years of faithful service, was held on May 15, 1994 with the dedication of a monument containing our original fire bell.

Pleasant Hill, Ohio Fire Bell

The original firehouse was replaced by a new building in 1951. Then in 1958, an addition to the rear of the building was constructed.  In the past 10 years, the present fire house has been renovated to include a classroom/meeting room, and a kitchen area.  A loud fire siren was installed in 1957. Prior to that a bellow was used to call the firemen.  In 1963, a fire bar with 20 telephones was installed to add more effective communication within the department.  In 1959, a base radio system was purchased.  This system served the department well until the installation of a new system in 1986.  In March 1990, the department became part of Miami County's enhanced 911 system using GE 800 band radios.
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In 1955, Newton Township joined the Village of Pleasant Hill in providing equipment for fire protection throughout Newton Township.  In 1984, the township and village joined together to form the Pleasant Hill-Newton Township Joint Fire District, which governs the fire department and rescue squad. 

The Joint Fire District provides the equipment needed for fire and EMS services in Newton Township. The Pleasant Hill-Newton Township Fire Association is the group of volunteers who provide the manpower required to operate the equipment.