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Fund raising is a constant challenge to a department of our size.  While we receive tax money we prefer to host fund raising programs for those items that are "non-essential".   This helps create a feeling of goodwill in the community as well.  People are much happier to support a fund raising event than to pay their tax bill. Recent past projects have included a new squad, rescue tool (some call them "jaws of life"), and air bags.  We are in the process of buying two new trucks this year and we will no doubt use most of our existing funds to help purchase the trucks and related equipment.

  1. Duck race- This is a new addition to our fund raising.   We have plastic ducks with coded collars on each duck.  People "buy" a duck in advance of the big race.  On the day of the race we dump all the ducks into the Stillwater River.  The ducks float downstream where they are captured by a floating fire hose which funnels them into the "finish line".  The code is read and the winner announced.  The last place prize is a jar of molasses.

  2. BBQ - Twice a year we have a chicken barbecue.Let's sell some chicken!Dinners included half a chicken, a roll, chips, applesauce, and a drink. Pies and cakes can be purchased for an additional fee. This is our primary fund raising event and the public is most generous in their support. The spring barbecue is on Memorial Day Sunday with a parade afterward. The fall barbecue is held during the annual Old Soldier Festival, usually the week after Labor Day. Follow this link for more pictures of the BBQ.

  3. Donations- Our department does not charge for either fire or squad calls.  Many of those we help are generous enough to donate money to the association.  This money can be earmarked for a specific purpose, such as new air bottles or a new porta tank, or made as a general donation which we will use to purchase equipment or supplies as we see fit. This isn't our largest source of income, but it is our most valued as it provides feedback from the community about the services we provide.

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