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On September 27, 1998 our department was called to a standing corn field fire.  Winds were 36 mph from the SW.  Because it was so dry and the winds so strong two additional fire departments were requested as mutual aid.  Even so, this fire burned nearly 40 acres before it was stopped.  Two experienced firemen were caught when the wind suddenly shifted directions and their truck engine died.  We don't know what happened to cause the engine to die.  Our best guess at this time is that it couldn't get enough oxygen due to the fire.  One of the men was treated and released, the other was admitted to the hospital with second degree burns on 15% of his body.Burned captains hat

Here are some photos of our Grass #3 truck after the fire.  Even though the fire was only near the truck for a few seconds the truck was damaged. Follow this link for video of the truck.

Corner of the grass truck Door of the grass truck

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