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Here are some pictures from a training fire in 2004.  We can use these old buildings to learn new things that help us protect our community.

We bring our own water with us to the fire. In the country there aren't water hydrants to connect with so we look for ponds or rivers then truck it to the fire scene.

We get a chance to train our new firefighters too.  We start them early around here.

Looks like this move takes three officers and one small child.

And it always takes a few firemen standing around watching at these training fires.  It takes someone to tell us how it should have been done instead of the way it was done.

Now it's cooking!

Time to get out!  That roof doesn't look at all safe.

Good thing we practiced how to get out fast before we burned the place. Here you see a guy coming out the window head first!  Hook the arm down through the ladder then grab your wrist with your other hand and hang on.  Flip your feet out to the side and then slide down the ladder quickly on the rails.

Is that a "red hat" on the ladder?

It's getting hot in there.



This is from a training fire a few years back.

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You can't believe everything you read in the paper. This article has a few "facts" wrong as this guy was a contractor, he was on the ground and not the roof, it wasn't his barn, and he didn't fall on an elecric fence.  He was walking on the ground and leaned his ladder into overhead electrical lines by accident.


The following is a movie of clips from a mock school bus disaster we had in 1996.   The video was shot by an amateur and jumps around a lot.  That added with the limits of the internet make it less than super but I think you'll get the idea. It's about 11 min. long and takes a min. to load a buffer before it starts playing, be patient.   A 56k modem or faster is suggested but not required.

The next release of the Realplayer will support Vivo without a plug-in but until then you'll need it.  

Show me the movie!

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