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Christmas 1999 at the firehouse

A fire department is something like a family.  Even a volunteer department has many of the relationships that come with a family.  There are some people whom you may like more than another, but you see something good in each person that's a part of the family.

Families enjoy each other's company and our department is no different.  In 1999 we had the sorrow of saying goodbye to a long time fireman and chief, Bruce "Buck" Christian.  He has been a fireman since early adulthood and retired this year due to a health problem.
chiefhat.jpg (24260 bytes) Certificate of Appreciation
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County2chief.jpg (27076 bytes)Chief2chief.jpg (28967 bytes) Here we see our new chief, John Marchal, presenting the plaque above to retired Chief Christian (on right) and a representative from the Miami County Fire Chief's Association presenting him with an award for his many years of service as well (far left).

Picture of those who retired in 1999 It takes a lot of people to be a volunteer department.  We're going to miss the crew and their many years of service who are leaving this year.


party.jpg (30701 bytes)santa.jpg (31301 bytes) We combined our annual Christmas party with a retirement party in honor of those who have served and retired this year. Of course a Christmas party wouldn't be Christmas without Santa and a few elves.

Santawish.jpg (21994 bytes) Looks like Santa has a wish list of his own!

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