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Show me more pictures!

You can see the absorbent on the road. It was so icy we could hardly stand up on the road ourselves.

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Here's a look at another accident scene.  The ice prevented them from steering away from each other.  Nothing to do but hold on and pray quickly.   These picture do show how we "remove the car from the victim.  Don't move the victim from the car."  In order to not cause damage to a person's spine or neck we had to remove the top of the van and take the person out with as little movement as possible.  No one died in this accident. The white blanket was used to cover sharp objects and to keep glass and dirt from falling on the patient while cutting away the van. 

Wrecked van Wrecked van Wrecked van 

Most of the time when a car crashes there is not fire even though it's one of the things the public always expects.  That's too much movie influence.  It does happen once in a while however, as it did here.

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This car was pretty trashed on the back.  The fuel tank is crumpled like an old pop can.  The car had traveled for a long distance in the ditch barely missing a cement post and two trees before sliding backwards into a culvert.  It really got exciting for a few seconds when we looked inside next to the young woman driving and saw the baby!  Notice the baby was unrestrained during the accident in the front seat!  Look closer and you'll realize it's doll.

This is one of those programmable babies that they send home with some students to give them a taste of what their life would be like if they had a real baby.  Think of it as birth control.

This girl said she put the baby in the front seat because it was too hard to reach when it cried from the back seat.  She left it out of the baby seat because it was easier to hold when it cried.  I think the entire purpose of the program was lost on this woman.  Had this doll been real it could have easily been dead.  Thank goodness some people only have the dolls and not the real thing.  She clearly isn't up to the ability to care for a baby.

When her mother came speeding up to the accident scene three firemen had to move quickly to get out of her way.  She nearly ran them over.  The entire time she was on the scene she complained about how much the baby had kept them up with it's crying etc. and how much she hated having it around.  It was all "the school's fault".  I think the purpose of the doll is totally lost on "Mom" too because she just didn't seem to see that this would be her life if her daughter has a baby at this young age.  They just didn't see the connection between the doll programmed to have needs like a real baby, and a real baby.  They're both going to need a lot of help.

The driver was not injured in this accident and wasn't transported.