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It has been many years now since I was involved with the

Pleasant Hill-Newton Township Fire Association
I'm certain that these pages are out of date.  I've left them here for historical reference only.  This site is not a part of the Fire Association as I have no ties to the department any longer having retired after 15+ years of service where I responded to more calls than any other member of the department.  I didn't  get so much as a thank you from the department yet it was a very rewarding experience to have been able to help all those people.  I am honored to have served the people of Newton Township.
located in Miami County Ohio

Siren Information

Show me some equipment pictures! 

Reflective locator signs

Miscellaneous pictures around the firehouse. 

History of the department

Fire Safety is important too.

Our current membership

It's important to train well.


Time for some waterball!


Fire Escape PlanMake your own Fire Escape Plan for your kids

Fund Raising


Firefighters and Asbestos

Older houses and buildings often contain asbestos, and during a fire the asbestos can become airborne and can pose a threat to firefighters.  Firefighters who develop an asbestos disease have the legal right to contact a mesothelioma attorney to discuss your legal options.  Currently over $30 billion is available in mesothelioma trust funds.

Fire Truck burns in sudden wind shift.Burneddoor of grass truck

For more information about mesothelioma, please click here.
Fire Truck burns in sudden wind shift.Burned doorof grass truck Our grass truck is here!!! New Grasstruck (small)

Video of Grass Truck after fire.

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